As parents we realize that raising a child can provide you with some of the most extraordinary times in your life, but it can also be stressful. We designed,therefore, The Pediatrician’s Guide to Feeding Babies and Toddlers to be a reassuring guide through the stage that your baby is in or about to go through. This guide is the first book written by a group of pediatricians and pediatric sub-specialists and consists of both current evidence-based information and practical advice for caring for your child from infancy through early toddlerhood.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge about infant and toddler nutrition, learned from our many collective years of caring for children in the medical field, combined with our practical experiences as parents ourselves. We hope to ease this journey through early parenthood by providing you with information you can trust and valuable insights into the world of childhood nutrition, so you can spend less time searching for answers and more time enjoying these fleeting moments.



The Pediatrician’s Guide to Feeding Babies & Toddlers combines the expertise of a group of pediatricians, a dietitian, a lactation consultant, and two family chefs. More importantly, we are also parents to a total of thirteen children. Most of the authors and contributors met during their medical training and cultivated strong friendships during long days and nights working together in a hospital. After completing our training over a decade ago, we felt that we were prepared to practice medicine. We couldn’t imagine, however, how much our careers would be enhanced by our roles as parents.

Over the years, we have discussed how often parents would ask the same questions about feeding their children. We found that parents did not know where to turn for guidance and became frustrated with trying to find the right information on their own. We also know that Google-searching (yes, we all do this, often in the middle of the night!) can lead to anxiety and confusion.

We believe that feeding should be fun, stress-free, and family-oriented quality time. We created this book as a resource to provide easy access to common feeding questions from the minute an infant is born through the toddler years. We divided the book into five age groups from the newborn period to the early toddler years. Every section contains expected developmental milestones, basic nutritional guidelines, expected growth, common medical concerns, and ends with developmentally appropriate recipes for that stage. We end with chapter six, which discusses the most common medical concerns in more detail and includes additional resources.

Our goal is to present the most current evidence-based information in an easy-to-read question-and-answer format. We understand the reality of parenthood and use this knowledge, along with our medical acumen, to develop practical approaches to the feeding and care of infants and toddlers. We want the best beginnings for the children we take care of, for our own children, and for your children.